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 Innovative event coordinators see our productions and products as another way of thanking sponsors and of getting their message across to their guests.

LeaderBoard Sponsor (Multi-Media) Beverage Cart  Signage  Mouse Pad Mugs Photo Pin Flags Raffle Scorecard and Cart Sign Shady Surround Screen Web Sites


LeaderBoard Sponsor (Multi-Media)



Most events have a golf ball sponsor or a towel sponsor; why not a LeaderBoard sponsor? A number of events have included this sponsorship in their initial brochure. In return, the company's logo will be displayed on a majority of the slides we incorporate in the tournament as well as get recognition in the rotation of sponsor logos throughout the event.

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If you are looking for something different, offer exclusive hole sponsorships to your investors. This will eliminate the clutter of tee signs grouped together on the golf course and allow one company to have the entire golf hole. LeaderBoard's staff will help you customize the signage and follow the process from start to placement of the signs on the golf course, taking another responsibility off the tournament director's shoulders. Our exclusive hole includes tee markers, a tee recognition sign and a pin flag so the sponsor of the hole will be present from tee to green.


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Pin Flags

If the exclusive hole is not possible, our pin flag program is an excellent option. Printed on heavy vinyl on both sides, the flag is held outstretched from the pole with a small inserted rod so all of the players will see the sponsor's logo printed on it. In addition, LeaderBoard provides a second pin flag, printed on one side, that is suitable for framing and is a terrific thank you to that sponsor.

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Scorecard and Cart Sign Program

When LeaderBoard is employed to do the scoring of the tournament, we provide you an additional sponsorship level as we print the scorecards and cart signs, customizing each so we can include sponsor logos. We suggest finding four $750 sponsors with each company logo being printed on all of the scorecards and cart signs. With a full field of 144 players, the companies' logos will be printed on more than 70 cart signs.

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Beverage Cart

LeaderBoard has numerous options available to display your beverage cart sponsor's logo.

Contact us for details.

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Another sponsorship opportunity and one of the best to offer a company, especially your title or presenting sponsors.
The Shady quickly attaches to the side of a golf cart, and can have the tournament and sponsor logo printed on it.   A majority of the sunlight blocked and it restricts some of the rain from hitting the cart driver. The porous material allows circulation so the cart doesn't become a sauna. The Shady is the perfect item to provide sponsors who return year after year.

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Web Sites

A dedicated website that will be hosted and designed by LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale where your event will be visible for 90 days. Here you can recruit sponsors, register golfers, and post tournament results and photos.
This is a great marketing tool for gathering and retaining players.
Click here for a demo website.

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LTS LeaderBoard's software allows us to place a raffle sponsor on the screen as we select your winning tickets. For the entire length of time the raffle process is going, the company logo will be present. Along with the terrific exposure during the reception, we will print the company logo on 400 raffle tickets and then add a special offer for the holder of the ticket to redeem at the establishment. Many of our clients have sold this sponsorship for $500 and up and those who purchase the sponsorship have reported a return of investment of more than 40%.



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Mouse Pad

Foursome shots are always the same...
Four players in a group and left at the table to pick up.

Many are left behind or wind up in a desk drawer.

We have redesigned the foursome tournament gift by replacing it with a mouse pad that will wind up on the desk, not inside it, making it a great sponsorship item or souvenir gift.  Read more

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Have your players remember your event year-round with a personalized coffee mug featuring either their foursome or their swing or both.

We can have them ready to give out at the banquet.



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Framed Photo

The logo of your photo sponsor can be shown on all of our photo displays both digitally and printed.

You decide on the type of frame and size.

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Surround Screen Banner

Our custom designed Surround Banner Screen Advertising puts your title and other major sponsors out front replacing our screen's black velvet curtains with your event theme and sponsors.
Lots of great sponsor logo exposure.

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Are you ready to discover how LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale will help take your event to the next level?


Marty Perlmutter
LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

3696 Indian River Dr. A200
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

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