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How Your Event Benefits

LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale helps non-profit organizations and corporations
host more successful fundraising events.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Having a professional in the golf industry on your committee helps your bottom line as our knowledge and business contacts around the state of Florida has helped our clients secure the best prices available for gifts and prizes at our tournaments.

Better exposure/New ideas

Marty Perlmutter, one of the partners in LeaderBoard of Miami, was also a columnist for The Tee Times, a monthly golf publication in south Florida. His contacts in the golf industry  have helped improve the bottom line for more than 1500 fundraising events since the start of 2006. As a result of working fundraising events around the state, we have been able to bring successful ideas from other tournaments to our clients. When we are brought in early enough in the planning stages, we can make a difference in your sponsorships by providing some new and unique sponsorship ideas your committee might not have thought of previously.


Are you ready to discover how LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
will help take your event to the next level?

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