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LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale isn’t restricted to just scoring and assisting at golf tournaments around the state of Florida.

Innovative event coordinators see our productions and products as another way of thanking sponsors and of getting their message across to their guests. Our multi-media presentations catch the eye at whatever type of function you wish to enhance. We will tailor the displays to your event as well as give those at the event an experience they will be talking about for months. Our multi-media displays are highly effective in any situation. At a time when many events tend to look and feel the same, here is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.
LTS LeaderBoard continues to develop new, innovative software, enabling us to provide services that can enhance almost any event. Across the country, we have produced live auctions, Texas Hold' Em Poker tournaments, black tie galas, corporate meetings, raffles, and trade shows. Let us help you make your event unique, fun and profitable.

With our screens you can:

  • Display your corporate sponsors throughout the evening

  • Place your guests pictures on our large screens

  • Promote your club’s activities and accomplishments

  • Inform your guests of the rules of the games

  • Show the schedule of the evening

Non-Golf Events and Services

Auctions   Casino Nights   Consulting  Fishing Tournaments  Galas
 Monopoly Tournaments  Movie Nights  Mouse Pads and Photos   Productions  Raffles 
Team Building  Texas Hold 'Em  Trade Shows
Turn Key  Web Sites  Wine Tastings

Challenges We Helped Overcome:

At the annual Major League Baseball Players Trust event in Orlando, the organizers were holding a live auction at the same time Florida was playing Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS Championship Game. LeaderBoard solved the problem by dedicating one screen in the pairings party to just the football game while the second screen was utilized to highlight the live auction items.

In fact, event planners seek out LeaderBoard to solve situations at their functions. For HeartsUnited, they needed a way to get their sponsors in front of their 300 guests at a casino night. They didn’t want to clutter up the “casino” with banners and opted instead to bring in two visual screens and rotate their sponsors on screen along with announcements of the evening, rules of the games and pictures of their patrons, which were taken throughout the evening to keep the screens fresh.

Through the beginning of 2009, LeaderBoard has assisted at a variety of fundraising events, including a live auction at Sea World with more than 500 guests in attendance, a multitude of casino nights, golf tournaments and even a couple of fishing tournaments.

LeaderBoard has set up and assisted at fishing expos in the Florida Keys, business expos at convention halls and even worked a recent Feast With The Beasts, a South Florida Zoological Society fundraiser on the paths of the Miami MetroZoo in which we set up three screens to show sponsors and pictures of the patrons.

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Casino Events

IT Women hosts an annual casino night in Dania each year and for the previous three years has enlisted LeaderBoard services to highlight sponsors throughout the evening. The big screen presentation allows the organization to eliminate the clutter of banners, and create a cleaner look for the event.
Guests who have finished gambling are entertained by the photos taken that evening.

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Tournament consultation during committee meetings both pre- and post-event. Let us help you iron out some of the details and create new memorable ideas.

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All of our productions are customized for each event. We are able to adapt and create to get your message across in an entertaining and educational way.

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Fishing Tournaments


When you consider a fishing tournament is similar in nature to a golf tournament, you will quickly see how our services will have a big impact on these type of events. There is registration, action shots and an awards ceremony with sponsor recognition. The one difference is that this type of event is held on the water instead of the golf course.
Display your corporate sponsors throughout the evening
Place your guests pictures on our large screens
See morning and afternoon weigh-in action photos of each tournament boat
Show the results of the tournament on our large screens at the banquet

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Wine Tastings

Highlight your sponsors and showcase the wineries.

When the Rotarians on Key Biscayne, in conjunction with the Association for Retarded Citizens wanted to do something special to thank wineries and guests for participating at an event, LeaderBoard was brought in to showcase sponsors, participants and auction items throughout the evening. Guests continued to look at the big screen as pictures of them were constantly updated throughout the evening.

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Photos Only

We can take action and team pictures of the participants and display printed photos at the dinner following the conclusion of the tournament.

Or create a mouse pad gift to be presented during the tournament or as a thank you a few weeks afterwards. Read more

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Paperless table seating assignments
 Go "green" and speed up the process of table location, reducing the waiting time and frustration for your guests.
Guests quickly find their proper table speeding up the process for large guest lists.
Table sponsors get increased recognition.
Guests can preview others attending and where they are seated.
Customized backgrounds to match the event theme.

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Movie Nights

Our Theater Curtains and sound system can transform the look of a banquet hall into a movie theater.
Sell on-screen ads and make even more!

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Team Building

Our 50 foot putting green will challenge the best of them. Create teams, and apply for hole-in-one insurance. It can also be divided into two 25 foot greens for other competitions.

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Turn-Key Events

Let LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale handle the details
for the event while you recruit golfers and sponsors.

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Silent and/or Live

Most auctioneers will tell you that having visuals accompany an oral/live auction will increase bidding because your guests will be able to see and hear the item up for bid. LeaderBoard has worked with the Association for Retarded Citizens on their annual Summer Spree Travel Auction since 2008, constructing more than 200 individual pages to show the more than 200 guests each year.
Recognition for the donation of the item is an added plus!
Customized multi-media presentation to support your live auction items.
Give recognition to item donors and sponsors on our large screens
Entertaining, keeps bidders on track and increase revenue.


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Sponsorship Ideas

We have so many ideas, both new and old,
that we created a separate page for them.

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Web Sites

A dedicated website that will be hosted and designed by LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale where your event will be visible for 90 days. Here you can recruit sponsors, register golfers, and post tournament results and photos.
Click here for a demo site.

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 Trade Shows

Our equipment is available for rent,
and we can help with your graphic presentations.
Display the schedule of the day
Put your business in front of the masses
Promote any special you are offering the crowd

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Monopoly Tournaments

A unique and memorable fundraising event with lots of photo opportunities.

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Texas Hold 'Em

Our poker software module will automatically update and display current blind levels, next blind levels, antes, chip values and timers for the blinds and breaks.
Sponsor logos and other messages can be displayed with timers and blinds information.
Keeps dealers and players informed at all times.
Tremendous fundraising and sponsorship opportunity.

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Raffles & Drawings

Add a "WOW" factor that will keep your guest entertained.

Custom designed raffle tickets with sponsor logos.
Full administration of raffle performed electronically on our "Big Screen".
Unique sponsorship opportunity with recognition on the tickets and the screen during the drawing.


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Are you ready to discover how LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale will help take your event to the next level?


Marty Perlmutter
LeaderBoard of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale

3696 Indian River Dr. A200
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

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